Tiancheng International Auction

17 December 2018

JT masterpieces were sold at Tiancheng International Auction on the 2nd of December in Hong Kong:  ·

  • Chinese zodiac set was created by Jewellery Theatre for connoisseurs of jewelry art and Chinese traditions.

Refined sculptures from this collection will take an honorable place among family heirlooms. The collection shows the natural grace and liveliness of 12 animals representing the signs of Chinese zodiac. Each animal is a guardian of its owner personality, and a guide to the world of career, relationship and success. All sculptures are made with using the patent technique for creation special metal texture and multilevel rhodium coating.   ·

  • Poppy ring

The jewelry flower is an absolute copy of the natural flower with delicate curved golden petals, adorned with diamonds and other precious stones. The central pink tourmaline and stamens made of yellow briolette diamonds represent the heart of the flower. The back side is made with the use of special netting technique. There is a kind of a surprise at the bottom of the ring — signature JT heel adorned with precious stones, which allows the ring to stand on the surface like an actor on a stage.