Life becomes so much more fulfilling when we surround ourselves with what is precious. And it is the Philosophy of Jewellery Theatre to combine Beauty with Art to take you into a world within a world; a world of wonder on a higher plane than the everyday world around you.

Gaze at one of the objets d'art of Jewellery Theatre and you leave behind the everyday, the ordinary. Is this reality or is it fantasy? You may still be asking the question when you admire the beauty and craftsmanship of the jewels.

The Philosophy of Jewellery Theatre is to employ the genius of brilliant designers with the craftsmanship of master jewellers. Working only with precious stones and metals, our designers and jewellers create pieces that are unique; you will not find anywhere else such a combination of a creative imagination with the natural beauty and colours of precious stones. We pride ourselves on the unrivalled quality of our jewellery; and the unique presentation of such fine art in the theatre which we call Jewellery Theatre.

People who find themselves in Jewellery Theatre unwittingly turn into the audience; before you, true theatre is played out on large and small stages. The enchanted spectator becomes a player in the show, participating in the creation of a piece of jewellery, choosing the stones and devising a motif and background for the creation of the jeweller’s art that is taking shape. What singles out the style of Jewellery Theatre is that our jewellery carries within itself a tiny part of this theatrical atmosphere, turning any new space into a stage. Like a moveable theatre, each collection is a drama in itself and each piece an actor with its own character. It may draw from you a gasp of admiration. Perhaps you see reflected in the precious stone some long lost memory from times past.

Theatre encompasses the whole spectrum of human emotion. And our jewellery may evoke joy, wonder, sorrow, fascination. Our designs will leave you breathless. We guarantee that you will experience many emotions; you will not remain indifferent.