Subastas Segre auction in Madrid 20 December 2018

22 January 2019

JT masterpieces from Caravaggio collection were sold at Subastas Segre auction in Madrid 20 December 2018.  

  • The exclusive pendant “Pomegranate”

    The pendant “Pomegranate” created by the artists of Jewellery Theatre reveals all the beauty and magic of this marvellous fruit.  The one-of-a-kind pendant is made of 18K gold and 50 admirable rubellites of 28,32 carats. With the use of special techniques and signature JT textures, the jewellers of Jewellery Theatre created this genuine piece of art. The magnificent pendant “Pomegranate” reveals the richness and freshness of this fruit.

  • The ring “Apple”

The ring itself is an apple made of numerous precious stones – diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites. The signature JT heel allows the ring to be displayed upright.

  • The earrings “Strawberries”

The wonderful earrings are made of 18K yellow gold; the resemblance with ripe strawberries is achieved by using coloured sapphires, diamonds and tsavorites.