Jewellery Theatre collaborates with SICIS

25 March 2015

The creative minds behind SICIS and Jewellery Theatre have joined forces to bring you a unique collaboration. The five exclusively designed watches are a testament to the imagination, precision and craftsmanship of both houses. The splendour of Michelangelo da Caravaggio’s still life paintings inspired the artists to create their own collection of precious fruit, capturing the succulent beauty of Mother Nature’s creations by using micro mosaic and a multitude of precious stones. This collection provides a glimpse into the organic intricacies of fruit – the labyrinth inside an orange and a lemon, the precise geometry of an apple slice, of course, the glistening and seductive flesh of a ripe strawberry. Full of sunshine and warmth, each piece from the Caravaggio collection carries with it a sense of Summer, whatever the season.